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This isn't 'Nam.  This is golf.  There are rules.  Just a different set we abide by.

  1. Showing up an hour before your tee time to warm-up is forbidden.  And ridiculous.
  2. Stay hydrated.  Interpret that how you wish.
  3. We believe in de-formalizing golf but please stay dressed.
  4. Hit when ready.  "Honors" are for jerks.
  5. Maximum of two practice swings per shot.  Make haste!
  6. Never say "nice ball".  Ever.  Why would you compliment a golf ball?  Exactly.
  7. Absolutely no golf-speak unless you like being pretentious AF.
  8. Smile.  This is golf.  It's merely a game.  Chances are you suck so have fun.
  9. The playlist is vital.  Music is democratic.  Involve others.  Keep the tunes going.
  10. Play nice.  No one cares if you hit a bad shot, except you.  Complaining makes you seem like a crazy person.  You're not crazy, are you?

That covers it.  For now.  If the above offends or disgusts you, we mockingly apologize.