Is this a real golf club?

No. It's a speaker designed to look like a golf club.

Can I hit a golf ball with it?

No, and our warranty does not cover it. 

How free is your free shipping policy?

Free. (as long as it is within the USA).

How long does the battery last?

15+ hours of playtime and a few full phone-charging cycles.

Is the Sound Caddy waterproof?

No, but it is water resistant. A little rain won't hurt.

How loud is the Sound Caddy?

About 100 decibels if you had your ear next to it (which we don't recommend).  While we are proponents of music on the course, we recommend being somewhat courteous to other golfers, as the speaker does get pretty loud.

Can I keep it in my golf bag?

Sure.  You can actually keep it wherever you want.

How heavy is the Sound Caddy?

It's slightly heavier than a real golf club.

Does the Sound Caddy Support Wifi?

The Sound Caddy is a bluetooth speaker. There is no WiFi capability

What is the bluetooth range?

30 feet

Does the Sound Caddy come with a case?

No, it does not.

What colors does the Sound Caddy come in?

Currently, just black.

Is it okay to keep it plugged into a power source all the time?

There should be no problems keeping it plugged in at all times.

Can I change the name of my speaker?

For now, it will just be Sound Caddy. So, no.

Can I place my device in the bathroom, where it is humid, and it may be splashed with water?

Yes, It's water resistant. Do not submerge it though.

If I pair my Bluetooth speaker to my phone, and record a video with the phone, will the speaker's microphone serve as audio source?

No, all recordings made on the phone will use the built-in microphone. Replaying the video will be heard on the speaker if phone is paired speaker though.

How do I check the power level or when the Sound Caddy is almost out of battery?

Once connected to your phone, you will see a power indicator next to your bluetooth icon. The Sound Caddy will also beep when it's power level is low.