Is this a real golf club?

No silly head. It's a speaker designed to look like a golf club.

Can I hit a golf ball with it?

You may feel an uncontrollable urge to test it out and hit a ball...don't. Trust us. Our warranty doesn't cover stupidity.

How free is your free shipping policy?

Free. Like really free. Like totally super free (as long as it is within the USA).

How long does the battery last?

Long enough to keep the music playing on a Saturday when the course is packed liked a Taylor Swift concert. In other words, 15+ hours of playtime and a few full phone-charging cycles.

Is this thing waterproof?

Lets call it weatherproof. The Sound Caddy can withstand spilled drinks, rain, and a healthy spray from an ill-timed sprinkler turning on.

Will this make me a better golfer?

Absolutely. If Tiger Woods were to carry a Sound Caddy in his bag he'd be back to dominating and fist-pumping on the reg. You can print that.

How loud is this thing?

Pretty dang loud if need be. While we are proponents of music on the course, we recommend being somewhat courteous to other golfers who may not be as cool as you (meaning they don't have a Sound Caddy yet).

Can I keep it in my golf bag?

Sure.  You can actually keep it wherever you want.  Go you.

How heavy is this thing?

Do you even lift bro?  It's slightly heavier than a real golf club or lighter than an adolescent duckling.

What kind of awesome tricks can it do?

Lets see... You can remove the grip and use the stake to stick it in the turf on the course. You can unscrew the head and take the speaker anywhere without the shaft.  You can charge multiple phones, staying "productive" if you decided to golf without letting your boss know.  It sits.  It stays.  It plays