The Sound Caddy was created with one simple goal in mind:

While out golfing with some friends one afternoon in 2015, Sound Caddy’s founder, Henry Adams, noticed that everyone he was golfing with brought their own portable speaker, yet none of them were designed specifically for golf and they were all rather boring products. That night, Henry did some research and found out that most golfers under the age of 35 were listening to music while they golf and that trend is expected to grow rapidly. So, he got to work sketching out some rough ideas of the perfect Bluetooth speaker for golf; He wanted to allow people to keep their speaker either with their bag or in their cart, and it had to work off the course as well. Then hit him - A club shaped speaker with a detachable head, an integrated tee spike and an integrated ground spike would cover every situation a person would be in while golfing. Better yet, it could be used anywhere else you’d want a portable speaker, and it’d be just as functional as it is fun.

Henry went on to find strategic partners to prototype his concept and prove that there was a market. About a year later in 2017, the Sound Caddy launched and the initial order sold out rapidly.

Now that thousands have been sold and the overwhelming amount of reviews are 5/5 stars, Sound Caddy is sure to be a mainstay in the golf market. If you would like any additional information please feel free to reach out to us anytime by emailing fore@soundcaddygolf.com.

Thank you!